Hussein Hoteit



Hussein Hoteit is Associate Professor in Reservoir Engineering and ERPE Program Chair at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Before joining KAUST, Prof. Hoteit worked for ConocoPhillips and Chevron Companies for about 12 years, where he conducted projects related to chemical-EOR, CO2-EOR, steam flood, EM-heating, and others. Prof. Hoteit’s current research includes chemical EOR, geological CO2  storage, IOR optimization, data-driven modeling, and reservoir simulation development. Prof. Hoteit earned several SPE awards, including SPE distinguished lecturer in 2009, and served as Associate Editor for SPE Journal for more than ten years.

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Talk 1.4 - Applicability of ML in Capturing the First Principles of Fluid Flow in Porous Media
03:30 PM

The Physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) have received careful attention in various science and engineering disciplines. This technology has the capability to constraint the neural networks to honor the governing laws of physics, often described by partial differential equations (PDEs). Thanks to its inherently accurate and efficient automatic differentiation (AD), differential operators can be evaluated at random points in the computational domain without a need for temporal or spatial discretizations. This feature provides superiority to numerical methods that often exhibit gridding artifacts and discretization errors. The performance of PINNs has been demonstrated in various CFD applications, including inverse problems. A vital unsettled question is about the applicability and performance of PINNs in solving forward and inverse problems for multiphase fluid low in porous media, and whether this technology has the potential to replace the traditional computational methods such as finite different and finite element methods. In this talk, we address this hot question by reviewing the favorable features and capabilities of PINNs in solving general PDEs, and we highlight some of its major limitations that must be overcome to be applicable to model fluid flow problems in porous media.

Session IV : Lightning Talks "Flow and rocks"
02:59 PM

Chair: Hussein Hoteit

Session VIII : “AI Applications in Petroleum Engineering”
05:29 PM

Chairs: Damian San Roman Alerigi and Hussein Hoteit