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Dr. Ravi Panchumarthy is a machine learning engineer at Intel Corporation. He collaborates with Intel’s customers and partners to build and optimize AI solutions. He also works with cloud service providers to enable Intel’s AI optimizations in cloud instances and services. He has a PhD in computer science and engineering from University of South Florida with a dissertation focused on developing novel non-boolean computing techniques for computer vision applications using nanomagnetic field-based computing. He holds two patents and several peer-reviewed publications in journals and conferences. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and hiking.

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Talk 2.3 - Open Seismic: A Toolbox for Seismic Interpretation
05:10 PM

Open Seismic is an open-source sandbox environment for developers/geoscientists in oil & gas to perform deep learning inference on 2D/3D seismic data. Open Seismic will help geoscientists to quickly evaluate deep learning models. Open Seismic performs deep learning inference on seismic data with optimizations by OpenVINO™ Toolkit. Open Seismic is built using Docker technology. Open Seismic is basically OpenVINO™ containerized and can run on any Linux platform. It includes reference models for common tasks like Fault Detection, Salt Identification and Facies Classification. It can ingest seismic data from various sources like on-prem, cloud, or OSDU data platform. Open Seismic is released under the Apache License 2.0. https://openseismic.readthedocs.io/